First Visit

First visit to our Orthodontist

On your first visit, you will be welcomed by our joyful staff, asked to complete some data on a form and get ready for your first meeting with our doctor.

After the introductions, we will carefully examine the need of orthodontic treatment, and explain the possible need of orthodontic treatment.

If the need of orthodontic treatment exists, you will be asked to make further investigations like specific X-rays to identify the source of the problem and teeth imprints will be taken for detailed investigation.

After all the data is gathered and carefully examined by the doctor, you will be called to set up an appointment for treatment plan presentations and discussions to establish the procedures needed for the treatment.

Once that is finished, you will be asked to visit your dentist for a dental checkup and professional cleaning of your teeth.

And now you are set for your orthodontic treatment to start and for your new, beautiful smile to materialise.


First visit to our Paediatric Dentist

A child’s first meeting with a paediatric dentist should be at the appearance of the first primary teeth.

Usually, a child’s first visit is educational, we offer guidance in brushing your children’s teeth, techniques of brushing, timing, hot spots for cavities and also some nutrition tips that can help for stabilising a good oral health.

Our clinic’s aim is in armouring your child’s teeth through knowledge and prevention, making them resistant, strong and healthy.

Our paediatric dentist can also inform you on your first visit about:

  • The importance of primary teeth and the necessity of prevention.
  • How to prevent caries and gingivitis.
  • What you should do when any dental problems appear and the possible reasons.
  • The correct usage of a feeding bottle, prevention of any bad habits and what you should do if your children are facing any of them (for example the habit of biting a pencil all the time at school).
  • Injury Preventions, and how to react, to primary or permanent tooth injury


We did our best in making our clinic a warm, friendly and positive place. Our clinic creates the ambience of a playground to children and a comfort zone to parents. We value the importance of establishing a friendly, trustworthy and stress-free relationship with you and your child and achieving together optimal oral health results.