Paediatric Dentistry

  • question_answerWhat can I do if my child has a tooth pain?
    Use a painkiller to relieve pain and contact your dentist immediately.
  • question_answerWhat shall I do if something stuck in my child’s gym?
    Use dental floss to prevent any kind of gum injury.
  • question_answerWhat shall I do if my child is bleeding after a tooth extraction?
    Ask your child NOT to touch, suck the wound to avoid any irritation. Exert pressure on the area using a swab or cotton for the time of 20-30 minutes. If the bleeding continues contact your dentist.
  • question_answerWhat can I do if my child has bitten his lips or his tongue?
    Use medication for mouth ulcers on the wound and contact your dentist.
  • question_answerWhat shall you do if a tooth that has, as a result of trauma, been separated and completely dislodged from the alveolus?
    Primary tooth: Do not try to replace it back to its position!! That can damage the permanent tooth. You should visit your paediatric dentist for a check so he can tell you if there are any other damages or any rest of that primary tooth.

    Permanent tooth: It’s an Urgency!! Parents and children should be aware of the following:
    – Never hold the tooth by its root.
    – The root of the tooth must stay intact. Don’t try to clean the tooth in any way.
    – Place the tooth in a container of either milk, saltwater or even in the mouth of the child so it can be in kept in saliva (worst case, because children can swallow it) to carry it until you arrive at the dentist.
    – The tooth should be replaced with the help of the dentist in its right position as soon as possible. Perfect timing of relocating the tooth is in about 5-15 minutes (5 min is the best time to save it from any other complications)
    – The patient after the reposition of the tooth must stabilise it by biting a gauze
    – The child must present to the dentist as soon as possible for the necessary X-rays. If the child/parent cannot reposition the tooth back to its place, then the dentist must do it for a better stabilisation. The dentist should give you the right antibiotic as well, after that kind of situations.
    – Do not try saving the tooth in water or let it without any of the things you read in the previous paragraph. If u don’t do as you read, then the chances of saving the tooth will be less.
  • question_answerHow Can I protect my child of any dental traumas?
    Supervision by the parent on playgrounds in the first place can prevent many dental trauma accidents. Parents can also check the places where their children are usually playing so they can prevent any accidents by moving or fix objects that are dangerous for their children. Special Mouth guards made in dental laboratories for children who exercise sports like basketball, football, taekwondo etc. Orthodontic treatments can help avoid traumas by correctly aligning teeth for a more solid occlusion.