Paediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry

Our clinic is specialized in providing the best treatment solutions for your children. First visit at the Paediatric dentist must happen from the appearance of the first tooth and they rely on specialist guidance until their early adulthood.

We also offer preventive treatments and cures for any dental problems and dysfunctions until their early adulthood.

We guide parents and children on how to take care of their teeth by providing the do’s and don’ts for flawless dental health. Our clinic believes that prevention is always the optimal solution for having a healthy oral cavity.
Our clinic is provides children with advanced treatments bypassing any negative emotions, that’s why we made our clinic appear like a playground to them.


All of us should know that 60% of dental treatments are based on psychological factors. That’s why our paediatric dentist is always takes time to explain each treatment very carefully so that children understand it’s importance, making sure that fear is just a distant memory.
Prevention starts with the first oral control, evaluating anything that can take a bad turn in the future, so that a noninvasive treatment is carried out making sure that any problems are evaded successfully.
At this point, our paediatric dentist provides indications for your children on how they should brush their teeth correctly, how their toothbrush should look like and the amount of toothpaste they must use for the prevention of caries and gingivitis.

As an addition, we provide children nutrition indications on what’s it is good and what should be avoided.

For proper oral health and prevention, we may recommend:

  • Dental cleaning by removing plaque and tartar
  • Preventive coverage (sealants)
  • Fluoride Therapies
  • Prevention of dental injuries (Dental bite guards)
  • Space Maintainers – For proper appearance of permanent teeth



Gingivitis and periodontitis treatments

Treating oral habits (Baby Soother)

Dental fillings

Pediatric Crowns (made from stainless steel or zirconium)

Morphological dental anomalies (size, shape, colour, number) treatments

Pulpotomy and endodontic treatments for primary teeth

Treatment for dental injuries

Primary tooth extractions


Fluoride Therapy

The right use of fluoride helps for the prevention of dental caries. Nowadays fluoride can be found in toothpaste, mouthwash, fluoride tablets and our drinking water.

In our clinic, we provide professional fluoride therapies using a special fluoride gel on children’s teeth. This gel is gets absorbed by the tooth’s enamel, creating an advanced shield against caries.

DENTAL CLEANING – Tartar and plaque removal.

DENTAL CARIES (Dental Fillings)

Dental caries can’t be removed by brushing with toothpaste. Caries cures can be accomplished by the dentists after a mechanical treatment with composite fillings.

Dental fillings with composite can be accomplished in only one visit if tooth’s nerve is not affected.

Dental caries can have various kinds of treatment, due to appearance and possible complications. Complicated cavities cause pain, so that’s why treatment must be effected, helping the tooth become functional and aesthetic as it used to.

Our paediatric dentist, after eliminating any affected enamel, uses dental filling material, matching the tooth’s original colour.


Paediatric crowns are used when a primary tooth cannot be cured with a composite filling. Paediatric crowns are also used if the tooth is too early to get extracted and needs to be maintained as long as possible. We provide options like crowns made of stainless steel or highly aesthetic crowns made of zirconium


We treat all types of children’s dental injuries for either primary or permanent teeth. The sooner the child gets to a Paediatric Dentist after an injury, the better the chances are for saving affected teeth and providing optimal treatments.